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Shearer loaders

Eickhoff on the Polish and Czech market

Eickhoff Polonia Ltd. Sp. z o.o.  was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of the Eickhoff Group in Bochum (Germany). In the first years of its operations, the Company’s main task on the market was to service shearer loaders working in Polish hard coal mines.



In a later period, the Company expanded its operations. It has become a contractor for complex repairs and overhauls of Eickhoff shearer loaders on the Polish market.



Currently Eickhoff Polonia Ltd. Sp. z o.o. deals with new and leased Eickhoff shearer loaders as well as servicing, repairs and overhauls of machines on the Polish and Czech markets. Regardless of current tasks, Eickhoff Polonia specialists support the company’s global service by participating in tasks carried out in the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa

About us
History of Eickhoff brand

Founded in 1864, Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Bochum, Rhineland-Westphalia is known in Poland mainly for the production of shearer loaders for hard coal mining and chain conveyor gearboxes. The company also specializes in the production of equipment for other branches of industry. 

The next group of devices, which has been very intensively developed recently, are gearboxes for wind turbines

Management board


Krzysztof Szcześniak

Chairman of the Board


Jacek Wala


Certificate ISO 9001


ISO certification is a guarantee of quality and professionalism, which is represented by Eickhoff.

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