Eickhoff Shearer Loader SL 500

Eickhoff SL 500 

One of the outstanding examples of German engineering: The Eickhoff SL 500 has been a steady peak performer in the international hard coal mining industry for nearly two decades. Introduced to the mining world in 1994, the SL 500 was originally designed with a total installed power of 1,130 kW. Nowadays, it comes with an impressive 2,015 kW and is thus ideally suited also for today‘s most demanding underground conditions. Owing to its constantly high availability, the Eickhoff SL 500 has earned a worldwide reputation as a ‚real workhorse‘.

Monthly production rates of one million tons of coal are nothing unusual for this shearer loader. Its remarkably high reliability continues to make it the number one choice for energy giants in China and Russia. Operators value the characteristic Eickhoff underframe concept while investors appreciate its high profitability. In this way the Eickhoff SL 500 has set the standards for modern high-performance mining for 20 years already.

The legendary ‚workhorse‘ fromEickhoff
• For medium-thick to thick seam mining
• With the characteristic underframe concept and high profitability

Haulage pull/speed diagram

Haulage pull/speed diagram SL 500

Technical details

Ikona zakres urabiania

Cutting range

2.5 – 6.0 m

Ikona napięcie


3,300 V/50 Hz

Ikona moc

Total installed power

2,015 kW

Ikona prędkość organu

Cutter drum speed

23 – 32 rpm

Ikona prędkość przejazdowa

Max. haulage speed

37 m/min

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Total weight

80 – 120 tons

Ikona długość


11,900 – 14,000 mm

Ikona szerokość


3,000 – 3,500 mm

Ikona wysokość


2,000 – 2,700 mm